Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read this section carefully. These simple rules, and guide to arrival / opening times, are designed to make all our guest’s stays easy, safe and pleasurable. The holiday home owner is responsible for all guests visiting their caravan. The person who books the holiday by telephone or Internet will be accepting the booking conditions on behalf of the holiday party.

All visitors to site must be booked in via the caravan owner. One car per caravan. Use the car park for other vehicles. Visitors are not permitted to bring pets. Visitors to the View must show id if under 25. Children must be accompanied at all times by an adult.

Sales of holiday homes are covered by the agreement to site a holiday home.

Conditions of Bookings, Hire and Site Regulations

Full balance payable on booking.

The Booking Form must be completed in full and the person signing the form shall be responsible for the booking and observance by the party of these conditions.

Overcrowding is not permitted and the accommodation shall be used only by those listed on the Booking Form.

Day visitors, when permitted, must register at Reception and pay (if required) the appropriate day visitor charge.

Group bookings – The company will not accept group bookings or single sex bookings.

Lead name on the bookings must be over the age of 21 years.

Period of hire is from 4 p.m. on day of arrival to 10 a.m. on day of departure.

At the end of your stay the accommodation will be checked and must be found satisfactory before the key deposit is refunded. Any damage or breakages must be paid for by the Hirer. Inventories should be checked by the Hirer and any shortages notified immediately to the Reception.

Non-arrival: Unless the Park is previously notified, accommodation unclaimed by 10.00am on the day following your holiday start date will be treated as a cancelled booking.

Only those people listed on the booking can occupy your accommodation and use the facilities of the Park. If this legal requirement is not met, your booking will be terminated and you will be asked to leave, with no refund made. If you have any friends who wish to visit you while you are staying with us, please see the Duty Manager who will arrange a day pass for them.

Dogs. Dogs of holiday home owners and long stay touring caravans only are accepted onto site. Dogs must be kept on leads at ALL times, are not allowed in any building and owners are responsible for their behaviour. Should a dog be a nuisance at any time, the site owners reserve the right to have it moved immediately.
Dogs generate a lot of strong feelings for and against them, so we ask the owners to exercise their dogs off the Park whenever possible and away from play areas. However ‘accidents’ do happen and we ask the owners to do the reasonable thing and clear the mess themselves.

Children remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times, as they do at any of our activities or facilities. The club activities form part of our entertainment programme, and are not childcare facilities. We do not provide supervision of the children during sessions. It is important that you always know where your children are, and that you know the times that the activities start and finish.

Infectious or contagious diseases could easily be passed to other guests while on holiday. You must inform the Duty Manager should you contract any such illness while on holiday. In order to protect our guests and staff, anyone found to have such a condition may be confined or requested to leave the Park. Please note that in such circumstances we are unable to offer refunds and we therefore recommend you take out your own insurance.

Keys must be claimed before 9 p.m. Clients are asked to advise Reception if they do not expect to arrive by 9 p.m. or until the Sunday.

Holiday Insurance. We strongly recommend you take out cover for cancellation or curtailment of your holiday. You are liable for the full cost of the holiday should you have to cancel or curtail your holiday.

Force majeure – The company accepts no liability with regards to an act of god and as such we strongly advise that insurance is taken out to cover yourself for this and no refund will be issued by the company should an occurrence of this nature happen.

The Company makes every effort to maintain all amenities and entertainments advertised but shall not be liable in the event of their non-availability. Should accommodation not be available for any reason the Company’s liability is limited to a refund equivalent to one night’s stay and any monies paid.

To ensure the maximum enjoyment of your stay, a few common sense rules must be observed.

» Cars must not exceed 8 mph and whenever avoidable should, not be driven on the grass. One car per caravan. Where car parks are provided cars should AT NO TIME be driven or parked on the grass.
» Motor Cycles – must be used as quietly as possible and not after dark.
» TV and Radios must be kept reasonably quiet at all times. Laundry may be hung only on window drying racks. Drying facilities are available on the Park.
» Protective sheets must be used on beds used by young children. Misbehaviour, picking of flowers, breaking of trees and shrubs is expressly forbidden.

Club Membership is offered free to guests over 18 who return the completed club cards AT THE TIME OF BOOKING. Duplicates for lost or forgotten cards will be charged at current rates.

Children are welcome in the Club free of charge but must be with a Parent. Children of any age are allowed in the family section at lunch times and all evening provided they are accompanied by a parent. Men wearing singlets and/or sports shorts will be refused admission to the clubs during the evenings. The Company and Club Officials reserve the right to refuse admission or request the removal of any child or adult or make an admission charge for a particular event.

For touring and camping guests arrival is 2pm and departure is 12am.

Please note: Any amendments made to a confirmed booking will attract a £30 administration charge.

The Company accepts no responsibility for any accident to any person or loss or damage to, any caravan, vehicle or properly while on their land, whether or not the same be caused or contributed to by negligence on the part of the Company, its Servants or Agents.

The Company reserves this right to terminate immediately the stay of anyone who, in their opinion, causes a nuisance or fails to comply with any of the park Conditions or Regulations or any Notice that may be displayed on the Park or Notice Board. No refund on the holiday will be given in these circumstances.

Whilst we will do our utmost to meet any special requests, i.e. Specific pitches, location of caravans or particular caravans, this is never a guarantee and alternative accommodation of the same grade may be provided at the company’s discretion.

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